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Web Hosting


"We love when our clients use SiteGround hosting, as we know it means smooth cruising for us and for them."
Stefan Joesler

blauraum blog

soon accessible from here

we keep being too busy making our clients look good - so no blablog just yet.

Welcome to blauraum.communication design, Stefan Joeslers graphic design atelier. We do graphic design and visual concepts for ink and pixel based media. Feel free and fly to find out more about blauraum or dive to have a look at our work portfolio – you don't need to hold your breath, but if you happen to, let us know, we'd love to do design work for you!

Check our service products below – all excellent medication to make you look better, more relaxed and save you precious time and money:


vitaminEmail is an easy to use web based program that lets you create, manage and send e-mail campaigns such as newsletters with your custom design more >

vitaminemail examples

Here's how it works:
blauraum designs one or more templates for your newsletter according to your needs and look and sets up an account for you.
You login through your web navigator/browser and have full control over:

- Content (text and images)

- Subscriber management

- Sending or sceduling campaigns

- Detailed but easy to understand reporting
plus vitaminEmail can

- automatically gather subscribers from your website

- automatically remove unsubscribers from your list

- automatically display your newsletter on your site

and much more.

Check the vitaminEmail website for all details.


yelloWebmarine CMS is an easy to use website content management system ideal for those nostalgics who want to keep their existing static website but would love to make it updatable. more>

yellowebmarine conten management system

You might have spent a bit of money a while ago to get your own website with a personal look built, before content management was easily available and are a bit nostalgic about it and don't want to transfer it to a modern "out of the box" WordPress (for example) template. In this case, you will love to live with the yelloWebmarine. We can sink it into your old content and you'll be able to:

- Edit your site from wherever you are

- Browse as you usually surf the web, dive and edit

- Works with most major browsers Firefox, IE, Safari etc.

- Upload images, flash files (swf), doc files, pdfs etc.

- Create text and image links to URL's, Mail etc.

all this and more without complicated Database systems.


freelanceXpress is the right medicine for everyone who suffers from deadline-phobia or lack-of-idea while needing to get a design or advertising job done. more >

freelanceXpress - design medication

Formerly known as the "Virtual Deadline Extender", freelanceXpress is still the same: blauraum.com's skills for hire so you can get a quality design or advertising job done on time.

We are based in Sydney Australia, so this is especially interesting if you are in a far away time zone like Europe or America: you can gain hours of time difference and still get a rest - because we can work while you sleep!

Heaps of jobs can be done over the internet, so just get yourself a dose of freelanceXpress. Apply as follows:

- CHECK if we're available
- BRIEF us with your job and
- RELAX while we get it done.


And of course local design agencies (Sydney) can order the freelanceXpress for in house assistance on design jobs. Just contact the blauraum freelanceXpress.

More details on the freelanceXpress website coming soon

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